Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, Youth For Christ officially has a drop in center! Incase you've never been to the office, it is in downtown Fresno on Divisadero and San Pablo, in the heart of the inner city. What was just a few weeks ago a garage has been transformed into a hangout place for our City Life kids. Praise God! We have opened another door to reaching our community!

The opening of the drop in center was kicked off this week with a blessing on Monday morning, and before we were finished praying it was flooded with neighborhhod kids ready for VBS. Some AWESOME and AMAZING volunteers from Northwest church came and ministered to our kids the entire week with music, games, Bible stories, food, testimonies, and more music! The kids had a blast.

Here is a peak into our new drop in center! This is on the main wall, and is an example of positive graffiti (which happens to be one of the ministries we have going on this summer!) You should stop by sometime and check it out!

Imperishable. John 3:16.


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