My Sponsorship Family

Lives in India
Studying Engineering
Beautiful Inside and Out
In the Family since December, 2004
(read about the day we met)
Graduated the Compassion program on May 1, 2012

Namara Ruth
Lives in Uganda
Loves Geography
Wants to be a Teacher
In the Family since April, 2010
Graduated the Compassion Program on March 1, 2014

18 years old
Lives in Haiti
Loves Soccer and his Family
A Leader
In the Family since October, 2004

15 years old
Lives in India
In the Family since November, 2014

14 years old
Lives in Bangladesh
Loves to Draw and Write
Comes from a Muslim Home
In the Family since April, 2009

Gamit Ankita Ashvinbhai
12 years old
Lives in India
In the family since May 2012

8 years old
Lives in India with his grandparents
In the family since February, 2015

These beautiful kids have blessed me in many ways over the years. As I watch them grow I see them gain an education, leadership and relational skills, as well as a hope in Christ: fierce weapons in breaking the cycle of poverty. If you are interested in welcoming a child into your family through sponsorship, please check out Compassion International.

8 years old
Lives in an orphanage in Zimbabwe
In the family since September 2012

14 years old
Lives in Zimbabwe
In the family since July 2013
There's something special about this boy...

Tadiwa and Panashe are sponsored through Beautiful Feet Global Outreach
They both still need 2 more sponsors to complete a group sponsorship. You can read more about Tadiwa here and Panashe here.