Friday, December 12, 2008

Yay for Faith

As many of you have probably heard on the news the last few months, terrorism is on the rise in India. There have been several recent attacks targeting American and Christian groups (which are one and the same in some eyes, but I would honestly like to sit down and chat with a terrorist someday and explain the difference :).

Anyways, Since the big attacks in Mumbai the day before Thanksgiving I have been holding my breath, waiting for that phone call or email saying my trip is being put on hold. I have seriously been considering the arrangements I will make when I get that call... the arrangements to travel to India on my own.

So, today, I come home, check my email, and there it is. A message from Compassion with a red exclamation point to the left. The subject says something to the effect of "Concerning your India Compassion Tour." "Here it is," I think to myself. I click on it, and of course, my computer crawls and takes what seems like an eternity to download the page.

Finally it comes up, and the opening is something about how they have been trying to get in contact with me and haven't gotten a reply. I don't know how any email or phone call missed me, since I have been waiting for it. I skim, skim, scroll down, waiting for the bad news, and its not there. Whew. Its not there! Not only is there no bad news, but there is good news. COMPASSION BELIEVES IN AN ALMIGHTY GOD. Amen to that. If it is possible, I believe in this organization even more now than I did an hour ago.

Yes, the email confirms, persecution of Christians is on the rise. But the people in India who live life everyday there say come, fellowship with us.

You may ask,"Why risk it?"

I'll tell ya why (in the words of Sean Dana from Compassion): "We literally have the power and authority to go anywhere the Lord wants us to go and He will protect us while using us in ways we never thought possible."

I'll say it again. AMEN!

So, in 49 days I will be on a plane, going to a country I have prayed for and dreamed about for the last several years. I will be meeting a girl I love with all my heart. A girl, that through letters and pictures, have seen grow from a child to a beautiful woman of God. And when I go God will protect me, and He will use me in ways I never thought possible, because I serve an almighty God.


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Great post! Glad I stumbled in here!