Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great stuff for kids!

Recently I have been shocked by a couple things: first, the technological knowledge of children, and second, the completely inappropriate and immoral content of most of the websites geared towards children. They are plagued with violence, bad language, and immodest clothing. And when I say websites geared towards children, I mean they actually say "for children ages 6-12." It scares me to see the young boys in my class absorbing the language and violent behavior, and it breaks my heart to see little girls idealize the scantily dressed girls and "dress-up" dolls on these sites.

All this to say, I have discovered a ray of hope amongst all the filth. It is called Quest for Compassion, and it is the coolest website for kids I have ever seen! Its a game, its fun, and it exposes kids to different countries, cultures, and languages. The coolest part, it also tells kids about Jesus. Prayerfully it will inspire kids to help others rather than hurt others, and will help little girls find meaning and purpose beyond what the world tells them they should look like.

I encourage you to get your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and friends' kids involvled in this website! It is


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