Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yesterday was the semester kick-off of Saturday Sports at Jefferson, as well as a brand new Saturday club for girls. Since most of my Jefferson kids have moved up to junior high this year, I wanted a way to stay connected with them, especially the girls who are in such a crazy and crucial growing up stage.

I want the Saturday girls club to be a safe place for the girls to talk about issues they are facing, as well as teach Biblical truths about purity and love and integrity that are completely foriegn in the commuinities they are being raised in. As part of the club I want the girls to participate in outreach projects, as well as have opportunities to take on leadership and responsibility in activities we do, with the hope of strengthening their leadership skills and their self esteem. I am still searching for the right curriculum/Bible study to use as the basis for the club, so I thought we would kick it off this week with just a fun time! So we made cupcakes! LOTS of cupcakes!

For these girls it was their first time making cupcakes, ever!

Of course we had to mix in some silliness.

(Some of) The final result! I am telling you, we made A LOT of cupcakes!

We made extra so we could give some away to people we thought could use some encouragement. Joseph was one of our lucky recipients :)

It was a great day. And now I need to go de-frost the kitchen floor!

God Bless!

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2boymommy said...

that is so awesome!! i bet the girls love you!!