Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scooters are Cool.

To support my fundraising efforts for my upcoming trip to Zimbabwe, I received this very generous donation from Tom and Janet Baird:

I decided to do a raffle.

On October 1st Janet drew the winning ticket (sorry I know this announcement is a little late :)

And the winner is...


(Pretend my eyes are open)

I am so excited that Esther won! She is a full-time staff at Youth for Christ. Not only does she direct the City Life program (that is our urban-outreach community ministry), she also lives downtown in the neighborhood she works in. Esther and her husband have been sharing a car, so the scooter has really been a blessing to her. To top it off the scooter has opened the door to start conversation and connect with more people in the community. Everyone loves the scooter!

And yes, she rides it in her heels :)

So, thank you again to Tom and Janet. The raffle was a big success, and the scooter has ended up being a double blessing!

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