Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Bags are Packed, It's Time to Go...

I am happy to say that around 50 complete outfits (minus shoes) have been packed successfully for the orphans in Zimbabwe, as well as several extra items I was able to squeeze into any little space I could find. Today I thought of about a million things I should be taking with me, but both of my bags are right at their weight limit, so I will trust that what God placed on my heart to take originally will be a blessing.

Doobie begged me to squeeze him in, but I convinced him he needed to stay here and keep my bed nice and warm for when I return. (In reality, he really is stressing out. He has learned what suitcases mean, and he is stuck to me like glue. I am taking volunteers to come cuddle with him while I am away.)

I also had an unexpected stop the doctor. I have had a chest cold and sore throat for a week now, and decided today that before I leave I had better make sure it wasn't anything that needed prescription meds.

They squeezed me in with a nurse practitioner, whom I had never met. I explained to her that I am usually not such a baby, and wouldn't usually go to the doctor for something so simple, but that I was leaving the country and didn't want to be sick my whole time in Africa. She then excitingly told me that she had just returned from Kenya on Sunday.

She told me about her medical missions that she takes regularly to Africa, and we became BFFs just like that. I turned into one of those patients that people hate, because you can hear their murmered drawn out conversation with the doctor while you wait patiently dying in the next room. We also discussed our overseas illnesses, and her goal in life instantly became to keep me (or make me) healthy and well for the next three weeks.

I can't help but look at this picture and feel like a paranoid over-medicated American snob, but I admit I already feel better after she drugged me up. I honestly came home and made a chart of the meds, with my schedule in California time, and then in Zimbabwe time. 

All this to say, I am ready to go. Like, now.

It is a bit of a long story, but I just want to say that this week God's faithfulness, as well as Satan's schemes, have become apparently clear. God wants me in Zimbabwe, and Satan does not, but it's too bad for him, cause God wins. And I would like you to know that your prayers and encouragement have played a big part in this journey, and in speaking God's truth into my life. So, again, because I cannot say it enough, Thank you.

P.S. I need an entertaining, not too intense, but preferably meaningful book to read on the plane. Suggestions very welcome.


2boymommy said...

be careful, have fun, dont talk to any strangers.... ha!
i will be here praying for you the whole time, roomie.
love ya!!

as far as books... well since you know i love reading... how about lauren conrad's new books... don't judge me!

Cathrine said...

Pick up Black by Ted Dekker. Yes, yes you should do this. It's my favorite. Too excited for you Becca!!!!

Melissa Irwin said...

praying for you! well, it isn't a light read, but the last time I went to zim I read "say you're one of them" a collection of short stories told from the viewpoint of african children. it was wonderful to read it each night from my bed and candlelight in Africa. moving really.

yes, i'm planning a trip in April (God willing) and the non-profit stuff is coming right along. i'll share the logo and website with you as soon as it is completed. it is way exciting!

oh, please give Zim my love...will you?

love girl - Godspeed!

Mark Langham said...

Praying for you. Come home empty, except for the stories...

Remember....every child you are touching Him. (Matt 25:40) So enjoy your weeks of worship. You are going to experience Jesus in an unexpectedly intense way.


I think we've read all the same books...but Brennan Manning's Furious Longing of God....on second thought better'll be snottin and crying all over yourself and the other passengers....I always do...Ha!

Melody said...

Praying for your journey. Godspeed...

Wendi said...

I know you are in Zimbabwe, but wanted to check in and let you know I'm praying. Will check for updates on FB too. Blessings.

Trailing After God said...

Wow, I hope you have an amazing trip or did, if you are back! God bless you and I pray you weren't sick the entire time!

I'm your newest follower from (In)courage. I am redoing my blog (new url and all) so it's a bit messy but stop by anyway! I am now following all of your media sources. God bless and have a wonderful holiday, celebrating the true reason for the season. Jesus is the gift!

Mrs Night Owl said...

Becca! I am praying for your trip! You are a HUGE encouragement - I can feel just what a huge blessing your going to be to those kids! Your going to have a blast! I can't put into words just how much your faithfulness to Gods calling has affected my view of life. I love it. And YOU! Thank you! God Bless, God Speed and Love to you and the community in Zin!