Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whats in a Name

I have always been one to make up nicknames for people.

I myself have always loved when people give me nicknames (for the most part ;). They are a special little link to someone else.

Growing up my dad called me "Lumpy" because I had ear infections frequently, and would fall or run into things on a regular basis. I would always have bumps and bruises from my clumsiness, therefore making me Lumpy.

I think I got my nicknaming talent from him.

I don't purposefully try to think of a nickname for all the people I know, but a lot of times they come to me, and they stick.

Although most of them don't make sense to other people, they come from special little quirks or events that only we understand.

When I was a group home manager, one of my dearest girls I called Chicken Donut. Chicken donuts are those donuts that are lumpy and a little crisp on the outside, and they are soft and sweet and yummy in the middle. (They are not really called chicken donuts, I call them that cause they look kinda like fried chicken). Anyways, they are my favorite donut, and this girl was one of my favorite girls. Not to mention that she was hard and rough on the outside, but had the sweetest little heart. She will forever be my Chicken Donut. I still have countless little notes from her, always signed "Your one and only Chicken Donut."

And then at other times the names stick for so long, and they are so weird, I don't even remember where they came from.

I have a good friend named Alicia. Naturally, I call her Richard. Yep, don't know why. But I do.

Unfortunately, though, I have recently found that there is a downfall to my nicknaming. 

Sometimes, after calling someone by a nickname for a long time, and then going years without seeing the person, and then getting old person brain, you can actually forget their real name.

And then when you see such a person, and you call out the only name you can think of for them, some people may look at you weird.

Like when you yell out "Hasselhoff!" in a crowded store, and all the middle-aged women get weak in the knees scanning the area for the Baywatch heart throb (puke), only to cause great disappointment for them and humiliation for yourself.

Or when little girls grow up, and they don't like you yelling "Booboo!" out the window when you pick them up from high school.

What's the deal with that?

Anyhoo, I know that I will always love nicknames, and I cherish the ones that others have given me, no matter how absurd the may be.

What about you? Any special, embarassing, or just weird nicknames you have but you love?

Until next time,

Becca Boo
Honey Bee


Laura Darling said...

This is funny. The Hasselhoff part made me laugh. My family isn't really big into nicknames, but my dad does call me the Queen. And my boyfriend calls me Cherry. I have no idea where it came from or why it started, but he calls me Cherry all the time!

Rebecca said...


I think Cherry is a sweet nickname. You should call your boyfriend Ponyboy. (The Outsiders)

Oh, and I just read some of your posts, and you are pretty hilarious!

faithlikemustard said...

We have a nicknaming problem in our family. No one really thinks them through before they stick. Example: My daughter is "Bobo" and my nickname is "Pooh" like the bear...except when you hear it aloud, you don't necessarily automatically think of the Winnie.

Rebecca said...

@ FaithLikeMustardSeed- Haha- thats pretty funny. If it makes you feel any better, my friend (the one that I call Richard) calls me stinky. I really didn't get the nickname from the way you would think, but people assume :) If we were to hang out we'd be stinky pooh. That would be bad.