Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Infamous Happy Dance

(Sorry, I am not usually one to post cheesy poetry, but I wrote this on a whim and thought all you sponsors out there could relate!)

The Happy Dance comes
In all shapes and sizes
It comes for the waiting
But always surprises

They are found in the simplest
Kind of gift wrap
But once it is opened
You must send one back

They are always a gift
Sent across miles
When they reach your mailbox
They unlock a smile

Sometimes its a wiggle
A jump or a whirl
Or even a giggle
A jive or a twirl

It doesn't matter
How silly or strange
You can try to contain it
But it comes just the same

I open my Happy Dance
A jump and a shake
And in return
A Happy Dance I make

Some words and a verse
A picture or two
Maybe some stickers
Always signed "I love you"

It's sealed with a prayer
And sent across miles
Hoping it too
will unlock a smile

I can only wonder
When it is unwrapped
What the Happy Dance looks like
A twist or a clap?

A jiggle or giggle
A laugh or a shake
What kind of Happy Dance
Does your letter make?

You may always wonder
But one thing you'll know
Your Happy Dance fills
A child with joy

From Ghana to Thailand
Bangladesh to Peru
From Uganda to India
You know that it's true

You have the power
If you have the faith
To send a Happy Dance
With love in His name

(If you have never recieved a Happy Dance, what are you waiting for? Sponsor a child today!)


Cathrine said...

Loved this!!!

Jessie said...

Love it! I love doing a happy dance, but never thought that one of my kids might do one when they get my letters!

Caitlin S said...

Quite enjoyable!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! Happy you guys like it...all the folks out there who aren't sponsors who read this probably think I'm nuts :)

Teresa said...

Oh, that's perfect! I am pretty sure my neighbors have at times thought I lost my mind as I "happy dance" from the mail box up the driveway to the house. I too never thought of my kids doing a happy dance. Now I will picture this and smile even more as I write them!

LindaFaye said...

Fun times. It's fun to give generously. And as Mother Theresa says, "I want you to give until it hurts so you can share in the joy of loving."
I'm new to your blog today and looking forward to visiting more often. It seems that you are a very motivated and kind-hearted person.

Rebecca said...

@Teresa- Yes, it is such a happy thought to think of our kids doing their happy dance!

@LindaFaye- Thanks for stopping by, it is nice to meet you! And that is a beautiful quote you shared by Mother Theresa. She left us with so many wise words :)

Jill Foley said...

I love this!