Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh, Dear

Today, I came home from work feeling super motivated. This whole eating crazy healthy thing has inspired me to live healthier all around, which has helped me feel better even though my body is still completely out of whack.

I decided to do my favorite new workout. I went upstairs and changed, and came down to realize I had forgotten my shoes. I went back upstairs and got my shoes. Came downstairs to realize I forgot my weights. Went back upstairs and did who knows what and came back downstairs...without the weights. Lets just make a long story short here and say that getting ready for my workout was as much of a workout as the actual workout.

To redeem myself, I decided to make some tea. I was victorious and remembered to turn the stove off before the water boiled dry. Ha, take that.

Just in case anyone is keeping track, the score is now

Me: 1           Hormones: 587


Katie said...

Ohh tell me about your crazy new eathing healthy kick. We are trying that too at our is gradual but we are doing really well!

Rebecca said...

@Katie- Shame is...having a cookie in my mouth as I read your comment :/

Cathrine said...

I stood for an hour making cheesecake bars. Exercise? I think so.

Rebecca said...

@Cat- I'm so happy to know you're alive :)

annabelle said...

I suck at eating healthy. I can't stop eating chocolate. However, I am losing weight, so I like it. one of my fave things to eat--zucchini

Rebecca said...

Wow Annabelle! Love the new profile pic :)

No exaggeration, I probably eat zucchini atleast 5 days a's definitely one of my favorite veggies! Although my diet is for my health issues and not necessarily weight loss, the weight loss is def a perk :)

annabelle said...

ok so I know I'm super late responding (thanks!) Zucchini is the bomb. I just had some in my frittata thismorning. and homegrown cherry tomatoes. and green onions and orange bell pepper. and salsa. and green onions and feta and mozzarella :D

and homegrown zucchini are AWESOME!! my aunt grows them, they are Huuuuuuuuuuge