Friday, July 8, 2011

A Nation is Born

As these words post, the clock turns midnight in Sudan, and the date changes to July 9, 2011. A date that will leave a hopeful mark in history; a day that brings wonderful freedom to many for whom it is long overdue.

Today we celebrate the birth of a beautiful new nation. The birthing pangs have been long, and much has been sacrificed. But today is the day of new beginnings, new hope, new life, and new freedom.

Along with being the world's youngest nation, it is also born as the world's poorest nation, with a GDP per capita of only $90. The bumpy and rough roads of this land are likely representative of the journey that lies ahead for the people.

But at this very moment beauty and love are taking root here;

in this country that through pictures and stories has captured my heart.


If you dare to be vulnerable to the ways God is moving, if you are willing to have your heart broken for these things that break the heart of God, you can catch a glimpse of them From the Unpaved Road and Called 2 Follow.

Will you join me in wishing South Sudan a very happy birthday? Your love and prayers would be a wonderful gift.