Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bloggy Awards, Shout-Outs, and Confessions part 4

So, I've been chosen a couple times recently, and not so recently, for a versatile blogger award. Before you go thinking I am cooler and more popular than I really am, it's basically a shout-out that someone likes your blog, mixed in with an about you type thing like we use to do on Myspace back when that was cool. Then I realized that cheesy about me lists are basically what I've been doing in my confessions posts, so we're gonna kill two birds with one stone here.

Anyways, I would like to say thanks to KEZ at Sinner Following Jesus and Selena at Shimmery for thinking I'm cool :)

With that said, when you recieve said bloggy award, you are invited to share 7 things about yourself, and then give shout-outs (bloggy awards) to 15 bloggers you think are shout-out worthy. So here goes.

Confessions part 4 (a.k.a. 7 random things about me):

*Yesterday was the first day of fall, and although still 100 degrees here, the Christmas music is cranking.

*In college people liked to play pranks on me. I had my car soaped, floured, and fished, my dorm room moved and set up in the lobby, as well my car "stolen" and being relocated, just to name a few. Okay, so sometimes I guess I deserved it ;)

*I have been a bridesmaid 11 times, and number 12 is coming up.

*I hate ants. I have many bad ants stories. One includes me peeing on an ant hill that was hidden by a tree, and then me flailing around the woods half naked (I literally had ants in my pants). To make it worse, I read One Hundred Years of Solitude, and now I fear being carried away by ants in my sleep while being eaten alive. Moving on...

*I have the cutest dog in the world.

*I used to squeeze my head between small spaces and get it all the time. Usually in things like chairs and railings. One time I got it stuck in the gate at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

*Last, but definitely not least, I dream of Haiti and Bangladesh. I have jars and jars of change in my closest that I will not touch until it helps me get to one of these places.

Shout-Outs (a.k.a. bloggy no particular order):
15 is a lot, so I have included short descriptions to help you determine the ones you deem click worthy.

1. April at Two in Blue. Either April or her now husband were involved on one side or the other in all the pranks listed above. She was the best roomate ever, and is now an amazing mommy to two of the cutest boys in the world.

2. Katie at Ristow's Wife. Katie was also a partner in crime back in college. She has lived gracefully through some of life's most challenging and heartbreaking moments, and writes about them with equal amounts wisdom and grace.

3. Cathrine at Life is a Lyric. I think of Cat as my internet soul mate :) She's pretty awesome, and Dave Ramsey thinks she is funny.

4. JD at Compassion Can. JD is a Compassion International advocate, as well as advocating for children entrapped in the slave trade. In November she will be going to Ghana to work with some of these children. I hope you'll check out her blog, as well as her upcoming journey and how you can help!

5. Jill at Compassion Family and Daily Bread. At Compassion Family Jill writes about child sponsorship and how to make it a family event, as well as inspires us all in becoming more involved sponsors. She also writes at Daily Bread about her family's lifestyle of simplicity.

6. Mark at Conspiracy of Hope and Musings and Miscellanies. Mark is a warrior in the battle against Human Trafficking. He writes about the battle at Conspiracy of Hope, as well as more personal insights and various other musings at Musings and Miscellanies, Oh My.

7. Melissa at Beautiful Feet Global Outreach (BFGO) and Melissa Writes. Melissa is my Zimbabwe sister, and she writes about her ministry for orphans on her NGO blog, BFGO. She also happens to have a beautiful heart and family, and she shares some if this beauty at her personal blog, Melissa Writes.

8. Michelle at Restore Innocence. Michelle is a friend from college, who is now on a journey with her husband to open a home for women who have been victimized by sex trafficking. Follow along on their journey of opening the Cinderella House and ministering to the hearts of young women.

9. Carly at Ryan, Carly, and Crew. Carly is another sweet college friend who writes about her amazingly beautiful and fun family. They are currently in the process of adopting their second child. Through adopting God has given Carly a heart to help people manuever through the sometimes difficult adoption process, so if you have questions, I'm sure she'd be happy to help :)

10. Michele at From the Unpaved Road. Michele is a missionary in the newly established country of South Sudan. She is mamma to over 100 orphaned, abandoned, and displaced children. She lives love and writes about the beauty, miraculous, and faithfulness of our Savior.

11. Katie at Imperfect People. Katie loves to encourage people to get real with eachother. On her blog you will find testimonies of many amazing yet real people, as well as glimpses into her own heart and life.

12. Leah at Leah in Romania. Leah is a friend from college (have I mentioned that I have some amazing college friends?). Leah has been a full-time missionary in Romania through Youth with a Mission (YWAM) for 6 years now. She rocks.

13. Morgan at Mrs. Priss. Morgan is a real life friend, who apparently has become rather famous in the blog world. She has won many blogger awards...the real kind. She is hilarious, crafty, awesome, and so so honest. I promise if you read her stuff you will be laughing so hard you snort and or pee.

14. Megan at Zip Tied. Megan is a friend from Youth for Christ, and is a missionary to a part of Fresno locals call "The Devils Triangle". She is full of life and laughter and love, and recently began blogging about all of this, as well as her knack for creativity.

15. Megan at Blessed with a Burden. This is a new favorite blog about a new favorite ministry. Megan is the founder of Respire Haiti, and with much love and determination she is empowering the shaken community of Gressier, Haiti in bringing change and hope from within.


Melissa Irwin said...

I dream of Haiti as well.
I have no coins.
You are funny!

Mark Langham said...

Thank you!!! And the ticket to Haiti is pretty affordable!!!!

Rebecca said...

@Melissa- the change adds up quickly..really does! I started about 2 years ago thinking it was silly, and occassionally I'll roll some of them along the way, and I have a pretty good chunk of money so far!

@Mark- I've noticed tickets are pretty cheap...I would like to find a orphanage that serves special needs children to volunteer with as well as meet one of my Compassion right now I am praying/looking for that org to serve with, as well as hoping to find a friend to go with me. Not that I can't travel alone, it would just be nice to have a travel buddy for a change :)

Cathrine said...

I fit somewhere right in between pranks and Compassion International. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this, but it is a comfortable place to be.

Jill Foley said...

Awww thanks.

I think the first time I "met" you, you commented on my Bangladesh post and said "I dream of Bangladesh".

Too bad you can't go to Haiti with Sarah this Nov....

Rebecca said...

@Cat- you should feel loved :)

@Jill- I know, I have talked to Sarah about it a bit. But since I work at a school, I get their Thanksgiving/holidays off, and am not allowed to take any additional vacation time. It's hard to find someone who will spend a holiday away from their family. And I also remember the Bangladesh post being my first impression of your blog. It made a good impression :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I thought I was winning the race at being a bridesmaid 8 times, congratulations! For as much as people whine, I actually really LOVE it, mostly :) I apparently have amazingly well-balanced friends.

P.S. You and Doobie are totally invited to stow away in my trunk in November! Seriously though, let me know when you start making solid plans to go to Haiti, ok?

Rebecca said...

@Sarah- I usually enjoy the bridesmaid thing too...other than the cost. It really is an honor! And I will def let you know when my Haiti plans fall more into place...if you happen to hear of any great orphanges or other NGOs to volunteer with, let me know!