Monday, December 12, 2011

The Day of Small Things

*Over Thanksgiving week I ran next door to my neighbor's house each day to feed and pet their kitty cat. No big deal. Then yesterday they surprised me with a "Thank You" card and gift card to Target. I spent the evening debating if I would use the card on some boring necessities, or put the money towards a much needed, new, and bit more exciting jacket. I really weighed my options, and decided my 10-year-old jacket would be more than adequate for another year.

Then, this morning my coworker and friend, who recently blessed me with some gently-used, much-needed, new-to-me jeans, gave me this:

a beautiful, warm, wonderful coat. She said it's been hanging in her closet, rarely worn. She felt it was being wasted, just sitting there taking up space. I promise you, I have dreamed of this exact coat. It's red.  And it will forever remind me of how He provides: How He loves. So thankful.

*Last night I rolled change I have been saving for my Haiti and/or Bangladesh fund. Mere change that clutters ash trays, pennies that people toss aside on the sidewalks, coins that fall forgotton between the couch cushions. And guess what, my friends? Two hundred and seventy-two dollars. That's $272 closer to hugging one of my babies young men.


*Then, to top it all off, today my friend Sarah posted this:

Sarah traveled to Haiti last month with Compassion, and I was able to send along some cards with photos and stickers to be given to unsponsored children. This sweetie pie got one of my cards, and I love her :) This picture is like a hug from Haiti.

Tonight I sit here, feeling so very loved. Thankful for the things that the world may see as small, but are so very big.

How have you experienced the Father's love lately?


Cathrine said...

love love love this. when are you going on your trip?

Jennifer said...

That sounds like a lovely day!! Love the coat and love your heart for the beautiful babes of this world <3

Shanda said...

I loved that God blessed your choice in so many ways. He knows the hearts that seek after his.

Heart n Soul said...

oh wow, how awesome!!

2boymommy said...

Love this! I love seeing how the Lord works and blesses. What a cute coat and what cute kiddos!

Rebecca said...

Cat- I don't have a trip to either places planned, but hope to someday :) I would like to go with Compassion, but none of their dates correspond with when I am off work/able to go.