Friday, December 23, 2011

Double the Blessing

(I am reposting this because I have noticed that many of you wonderful people who have shared Bethany's button on your blogs have not yet traded it out for the new one.)

For all of my wonderful friends helping me in advocating for dear Bethany to find her family, there has been an exciting update!

Checking in with Reece's Rainbow today, I discovered that Bethany has a beautiful sister named Erin, and Reece's Rainbow is now hoping to find a family for Bethany and Erin, together.

Bethany, born March 2006
This news warms my heart, with the comfort of knowing this sweet girl has family close to her, and there is hope in them being adopted together.

It also makes me sad. Erin is younger than Bethany, and she is in HIV clinical staging 4, which means that her HIV is progressing to full blown AIDS. Bethany is not far behind, at clinical staging of 3. This is all the more reason that these special girls need to go home to their family soon, where they can receive all the medical treatment they need, as well as experience the love that every daughter deserves.
Erin, born December 2006

Love is healing, you know.

Since Bethany and Erin's profile's have now been combined, I have created them a new button!

If you have the old button, you will need to replace it with this button (I mean, who wouldn't want this cuteness on their blog anyways, right?) But really, the old button has the previous link, and will lead to "page not found". So please, I would be so grateful if you would add this new button to all your wonderful blogs, and help me find a family for these sweet sisters.

Thanks friends!

God Bless,


Jill Foley said...

They are both so beautiful. I'll be praying God brings forth a family to adopt them together.

Mark Langham said...

So incredible!!!!!!!! They are gonna be in their family sooooon I know it!!!

Jennifer said...

They are so precious. I'm praying they find their home soon.

halys said...

wonderful Rebecca, I hope they find a home soon! Bless your heart for helping find the right one!

Rebecca said...
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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

are you kidding me!!!!!

oh boy i have goosebumps, i havebeen meaning to add erin to fmnf for weeks now!!!i kepthearing whispers...she needs to be on as well! what a poor show that i haven't yet....and now this! oh boy! i am covered in goosebumps! thankyou for doing this wow! AM GOING TO ADD YOUR POST TO MY BLOG WITH YOUR PERMISSION! XXXX

Rebecca said...

@Everyone- I know, its wonderful, isn't it? I just have a great feeling that their family will find them soon!

@Jane- Yes, of course you can share on your blog!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

the girls and your post are up on the flight platform today becca. happy new year xxxxxxxxxjanexx