Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The List

In honor of my big 30 coming up and freaking out a bit a lot about not knowing what I want or am supposed to do with my life at this ripe old age, I decided it was time to brush off the old "bucket list".

Some of these were written as far back as elementary school (#46), and some are recent additions (#27, #45). Some are of high importance (#25, #30), and one is the result of an hour of shame after running across Jersey Shore while I was housesitting (#47, and I should never be given access to cable). Some things have been removed as I realized I no longer had a desire to be on Fear Factor or live life as a train jumper, and according to my rules that is completely okay. I am sure I will continue to add things as well.

So, my friends, here it is. If anyone cares, you can see my progress through clicking on "The List" tab on top of my home page (I'll be adding in some pictures there as well). If you have posted a life list, feel free to share your link in the comments. I am always intrigued to see what is on other's lists as well (and sometimes steal good ideas).

1. See Aurora Borealis in real life

2. Hug a stranger

3. Live in a third-world country

4. Walk the Via Dolorosa

5. See the pyramids

6. Go skydiving

7. Get lost in Italy

8. Run or walk a half-marathon

9. Donate hair to locks of love

10. Ride a camel

11. Eat dolma in Turkey

12. Run an after-school program

13. Become a mentor

14. Go bungee jumping

15. Preach in a prison

16. Ride on a train and do lots of other amazing stuff in India

17. Meet Dilsly in India

18. Work with street children in Bangladesh

19. Meet Elahi in Bangladesh

20. Love on orphans in Haiti

21. Meet Lorkems in Haiti

22. Meet Ruth in Uganda

23. Be a better friend (ongoing)

24. Learn how to bellydance

25. Adopt

26. Learn how to cook traditional Middle-Eastern food (kubbeh, dolma, hummus, tabouli, lentil soup; YUM)

27. Learn how to fly fish

28. Master cooking a complete Indian meal

29. Learn about my Cherokee ancestors and see where my grandparents and great-grandparents were born

30. See Bethany and Erin find their forever family

31. Write down memoirs as told by my grandparents

32. Hang out with elephants in Africa (elephants are the best)

33. Dance in the rain

34. Dine with the homeless

35. Love my neighbors (ongoing)

36. Grow my own vegetable garden and share with my neighbors

37. Grow my own flower garden and take friends fresh flowers just because

38. Learn how to swing dance

39. Go sailing in South Africa

40. Meet Nelson Mandela

41. Forgive (God knows the specifics)

42. Learn how to change a tire

43. Fall in love in Mexico

44. Get a tattoo

45. Help deliver a baby

46. Win a hoola-hooping contest 

47. Taste fried pickles

48. Discover the best albondigas in the world and then learn how to make them

49. Meet Cat, Melissa, and Mark in real life (preferably in conjunction with loving on some orphans)


Cathrine said...

These are all my favorites. It's settled - come to Tennessee and I'll take you to Rafferty's and buy you some pickled paw prints. We'll then hop on a plane to African and love on some orphans.

Cathrine said...


2boymommy said...

You should do my next run with me! You can mark that off your list and get a cool medal too :)
Oh and you should have told me you wanted to help deliver a baby a few years ago....
miss ya!
30 is super old... I am not turning 30 this year. According to my children I am 25!

Rebecca said...

Cat- sounds good to me :)

April- just pop out another kid and I'll come help.

LINDA said...

Becca, just quickly fly to Dubai and help your cousin Nicole have her baby!! She is like past due at 41 weeks! That will also give you another experience for your bucket list! Love you! MOM

Jill Foley said...

Happy Birthday - 30 is not old!!! I'm 37 and I'm not old : )

Rebecca said...

@Linda- Mom, I wish. I would go in a heartbeat if I could!

@Jill- Thanks ...its not actually until May though. I'm looking ahead a bit :) It's not that 30 is old, it's just that by 30 I feel like life should be a bit more figured out. It's just making me think of all the things I thought would have happened in my life by now and haven't, and relearning that God's timing is better than mine.

annabelle said...

You've won a hoola hooping contest? Lol that's AWESOME

Rebecca said...

Annabelle- Not to brag or anything, but I've actually won 2 :) The sad part is, both were as an adult! One was in college, they had a hoolahooping contest during homecoming week, and the other was just a couple years ago at a parks and recreation event (I was suckered into that one :)