Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sometimes I get so caught up in what I think I could have or should have, I forget to be thankful for what I do have.

I forget that I have so much more than I deserve.

I become so focused on the wants or the "they have"s I fail to see the countless blessings around me.

This week I was reminded of some sweet children in India, and what an example of humility they were to me.

I have shared these pictures before, but this week I have really been reminded of the beauty in these moments.

After meals were served at the Compassion centers (meals that many of us would consider meager) the children would take their plates to their place on the floor to eat. Before the serving even began, a project leader would say a prayer and blessing over the food.

What I watched day after day, project after project, child after child, was beautiful. For many of the children served, this would be their only real meal of the day, and no doubt their tummies were hungry from wait since their last meal.

Yet they took the time to say thanks. Separate from the group prayer, not being told or asked to do so, these kids would spend not seconds, but minutes in independent prayer. Because they were truly thankful.

From humility blooms thankfulness.


Mark Langham said...

Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

Jennifer said...


Shanda said...

Becca. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. Who do you 'work' for? I'd love to hear your story. And why you moved so much...
I love this quote, "humility breeds thankfulness."
You are an angel.