Thursday, April 5, 2012

True Story

Today I went to Target. As I walked in the store I realized I wasn't sure what exactly I was there for.

Naturally I bought some fresh popped popcorn and left.

I came home and looked in the mirror and my shirt is on inside out.

And I still don't remember what I needed at Target.


Kayla said...

I've had days like this. Haha.

Sometimes I think that Target has that effect on people. I went the other day with the sole purpose of buying a birthday card and some toilet paper. I left with those two things, but also with $20 worth of $1 things.

Rebecca said...

Kayla- I try to make a list and only make Target trips once a month for that very reason! Its a trap! Props to you for atleast walking away with the items you came for :)

Cathrine said...

At least you'll remember THAT when you go to Target next time :)

Rebecca said...

Cat! I've missed you!