Friday, September 7, 2012

Dear Readers

To those of you who are followers, friends, and even silent readers- for you I am so thankful. When I started this blog I never imagined that it would be the platform for many new and real friendships. I thank you for every discussion, word of encouragement, and every inkling of support you have ever given, very often at times when it was most greatly needed.

Thank you.

To the rest of you, the few of you who I know as "anonymous,"- as I have shared the vision God has been growing in me for special needs and disadvantaged kids I knew that there would be people who don't understand my passion or think that I am crazy. And I am okay with that.

What I am not okay with are anonymous comments wishing any kind of harm to children I am advocating for. I don't know where along your journey in life this hate was instilled in you, but I am sorry. I feel bad for you because if you can't see the beauty in these children then you are missing out on so much goodness that life has to offer.

So, dear "anonymous," please stop leaving your horrible and cowardice comments. Part of me wants to tell you to go away from here and never come back, but I hope you don't listen to that part of me. I hope you do come back. And as you read stories and see faces of some of God's greatest creations, I pray that your heart would be softened and that your eyes would be opened to their beauty.

And maybe someday when your hate has been washed away you will leave me a comment to which you can sign your name.


Mark Langham said...

Well said Rebecca. I get alot of those anonymous comments too. Keep it up though. Those that have been born with special needs are the very most vulnerable among us and are our responsibility as much or more than any other group. As a brother of a sister born with severe brain damage who needed constant care and supervision I know first hand how lovely and priceless these children are and also how extremely susceptible they are to every danger. I am so proud of you for your obedience to God's call and for the tender way you serve those that touch your heart.

2boymommy said...

No way! That's so sad! Miss you! Hugs!!

Jennifer said...

You are doing big, beautiful things, Rebecca! Keep it up- I love reading your heart!

Rebecca said...

@Mark- Thanks for your constant encouragement! I don't think I knew about your sister. I also had a brother born with special needs (trisomy 18), but I never got to know him (he only lived 3 days). Although I never met him, I think somehow he plays a part in my passion :)

@April- yes, people can be mean. And I miss you too.

@Jennifer- thanks as always :)