Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Dream of Bangladesh

I have never dreamed of places like Hawaii or France, but since I was 13 I have dreamed of going to Bangladesh. When I talked about my longing for Bangladesh as a child people looked at me funny, sure that I would grow out of it. Now, at the age of 30, the longing has only increased with time, and people think I am crazy.

Just yesterday someone was trying to convince me that instead of saving money to someday go to Bangladesh, I should spend some time traveling through the nicer touristy countries of Europe.

No thank you.

Coincidentally, after my conversation yesterday, I recieved a letter from one of my favorite kids in the world who happens to live in Bangladesh. Since I can't be there (at least not right now) he sent Bangladesh to me.

I have this beautiful new edition to my prayer wall, which now doubles as my inspiration wall.

I know I will get there someday, and when I do I can't wait to give a great big hug to this boy. 

 This is Elahi, who I sponsor through Compassion International.

Where do your dreams take you? 


Mark Langham said...

Love this! Never give up!

Anonymous said...

wonderful post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.

JD said...

Aside from my dreams to see the Outer Banks of NC, I, too, dream of places that cause people to look at me funny... and I'm no longer alone in this. Two of my children share those dreams now -- Joshua was just speaking yesterday of returning to Ghana with me, to continue the work we began... and Jillian dreams of Haiti in November with me, and her heart has been calling her to Uganda and Kenya and anywhere in Africa for several years now. Add Thailand, Bolivia, Ecuador to that list, to name a few... I love your dreams, I understand them so deeply... we are sisters of the heart, and of the Father.