Thursday, October 11, 2012

Calling on Angels

Most of you all are very familiar with Dasha and Leana, but for those of you who are new around here, I'll take a moment to introduce you.

Dasha and Leana in the orphanage, 2011
On August 16, 2011, I became Dasha's warrior through Reece's Rainbow. Dasha was five years old and because of her special needs (cerebral palsy and HIV+), she would soon be facing an adult mental institution if not adopted.


A few months later, when I found out that Leana is Dasha's sister and that they were available together, I also became Leana's warrior.


On August 16, 2012 (exactly one year to the day that I became Dasha's warrior) Dasha and Leana officially became part of the Friedl family.

Court Day in Ukraine- August 16, 2012
Although I did not personally connect Dasha and Leana with their forever family, and although the amount of money I was able to raise was merely a drop in the bucket of what is needed for international adoption, the experience of being part of these girls' journey was more than amazing. Being one of the many who prayed Dasha and Leana into the Friedl family was a great honor, and seeing them together as a family is a joy that I cannot put into words.

Dasha and Leana at home with their heavenly appointed sisters 

Once Dasha and Leana arrived to their new home, I knew I wanted to warrior for another child. For the last several weeks I have been praying over children on the Reece's Rainbow website, trying to select an "Other Angel" to become a "Guardian Angel" for, and so many of them have stolen my heart.

Like Presley who is four years old, who- in addition to his special needs- also has leukemia (and is not receiving the necessary medical treatment he needs for survival).

Presley needs a family, and a Guardian Angel

Or Shaun, who is going to turn five next month and has Trisomy 18. This is the same disability that my brother was born with, and passed away from just days after birth. Children with this condition rarely live past infancy, so if every life is a miracle, Shaun is a super miracle.

Shaun also needs a family and a Guardian Angel
But when I started having dreams about one particular little girl, just as I had of Dasha, I knew she was the one.

I would like to proudly introduce to you "Yelena."

Yelena is from Eastern Europe and is HIV+. There is not a lot of available information for this cutie, but she is eight years old and according to her profile she really wants a family. I am sure many or all of the children on the Reece's Rainbow's website really want a family, but rarely do I see it stated on their profiles. I am guessing that Yelena has really expressed this desire and that she is very aware of the family shaped hole in her heart for it to show up in writing.

When I became an advocate for Dasha and Leana, many people expressed their doubt that finding a family for these older girls was possible, especially because of their HIV status. But I really had faith and I knew in my heart that their family was out there. Now, once again, I have faith that Yelena has a safe home, a warm bed, and caring parents out there, they just don't know it or just have not found her yet.

Although I did some to spread awareness and raise money for Dasha and Leana, God really impressed on my heart that my biggest role in their adoption was prayer.

Now, for Yelena, I feel like God is really impressing a need for spreading more awareness and raising major funds to get her home.

I would love if you all would join me in this mission to find Yelena's family and get her home. The first step you can take to do this is to help me spread around Yelena's picture and profile to everyone you know, and if you would be willing, to ask others to pass it on as well.

You can do this a few ways:

1. Share this blog post on facebook, twitter, your blog, and other networking sites.

2. Add Yelena's button to your blog by copying the code in the grab box below her picture and pasting the code into your layout as an "html" code.(This button contains a link to Yelena's Reece's Rainbow profile.)


3. "Like" the She Becomes community by clicking on the link below. This will be my main source of sharing information about fundraisers and events for Yelena.

Thank you for joining me in being a voice for some beautiful and amazing children.

Also, take a moment to read Breaking Down Barriers and the importance of adoption grants.

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ahhhhh she is adorable...will add her to the Friday gallery as we have a DASHA and LEANA shaped hole! She is so beautiful so happy she has you fighting and praying for her. I will join you in prayer my lovely lovely friend. also added the button....come back every friday and share your posts honey, it will be lovely to watch your new journey xxxxx

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