Thursday, February 28, 2013


It is odd that God would choose today to fill me up with some of His goodness, as I woke up this morning with a stomach bug thinking nothing pleasant could come of this day.

I have been so rushed and overwhelmed since going back to school that I have taken very little time to be still and take in all the blessings in my life. With that said, I now see that today has been a gift in disguise.

First of all, I clicked over to Yelena's profile page, and I am so thankful to say that she is more than half way to the "Moving Mountains" category. Moving Mountains children have $2,500 or more in their adoption fund. The higher that amount goes, the more likely they are to be seen and adopted, as the monumental task of raising the money to bring them home has been cut down considerably.

If you want to help me move some mountains for Yelena, you can do so here.

After a stressful week of trying to register for classes for next semester in time to apply for scholarships and getting the run around, I finally received a call today and figured out the problem. Without boring you with the details, I am being forced to take July off of school due to overlaps and prerequisite requirements. At first this did not sound like a good deal to me, as I am trying to get through school as fast as I can, and this will set me back a month. But honestly, work has been extra challenging lately and doing school and doing it well has been a daunting task. I woke up this morning counting down the days until my next 18 months. Today I count down the days until July when I will have some time to breathe and maybe even go for a hike. That number seems much more doable and I must admit, I am relieved. 

Finally, today I received a new photo of my Compassion son, Lorkens. I began sponsoring Lorkens about 9 years ago through Compassion International, and it has been such a huge blessing to see him grow both in stature and in faith. To give you the full impact of his new picture, I am also including the first picture of Lorkens that I received when I became his sponsor in 2004. 

Lorkens, 7 years old

Lorkens, 16 years old
My cup overflows. 


annabelle said...

what a handsome guy!

I just got a new pic of my correspondence kid. She is so beautiful!

Kayla said...

I am so happy to hear about Yelena. I hope that she finds her forever family soon. She is absolutely adorable.

The new picture of your handsome boy is great. I think it's funny that he has the same wide leg stance as he did when he was little.

Rebecca said...

Kayla, I love that his stance is the same, the only difference being a bit more confidence. Seeing these photos side by side makes me smile every time :)

Hannah H. said...

Thanks for finding my blog!! I am enjoying reading yours!! Your little guy is so cute!! And he's grown up so much!! I also love that you're promoting adoption...I'll have to send my sister over to your blog. She loves to read everything and anything regarding adoption! She's about to start her bachelors in Social Work in the fall.