Sunday, April 14, 2013


In Eastern Europe, less than 50% of orphans
will live to see their 20th birthdays.
- The Orphan Foundation

Will you stand in the gap with me as I fight for Yelena? Let's build up an army of warriors for this little girl. She has waited too long to be called "daughter."

To help fight this battle for life on Yelena's behalf:

*Share this blog post or Yelena's profile so that her sweet smile will be seen by as many people as possible. Help me share until it reaches her heavenly appointed family.

*Give to Yelena's adoption grant. When it reaches $2,500 she will join the "moving mountains" category on Reece's Rainbow, which means her profile will be seen by more people. You can read more about the importance of adoption grants in the post Breaking Down Barriers.

*Remember Yelena in your prayers. Pray that God would stir the hearts of her forever family and for protection and love to be poured out over Yelena while she waits.



Joyful said...

I've prayed for this dear one and have made a small donation. God bless you for raising awareness. xx

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much!

Nadia Anderson said...

What a sweet little face! Just donated an early birthday "present." Pray that she meets her family someday soon.