Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Fiesty Girl

Today I received a wonderful email. My friend Joanna, who it seems has endless connections, was able to get in touch with a family who has met Yelena! This is so exciting! Yelena is the only child from her orphanage listed on Reece's Rainbow, and there is very little information about her. What an amazing gift to receive more recent photos and information about this little girl who so desperately wants and needs a family.

Yelena with her head shaved short, most likely due to lice.

Yelena is described as not shy. She is sweet to adults and hungry for affection, but is the odd-one-out among her peers. She needs a family to teach her through example how to build positive peer relationships.

Yelena is also described as fiesty. She has most likely picked up some of her fiestiness as a survival mechanism from orphanage life. I know with the love, nurturing, and the modeling she will receive from her family, Yelena's fiestiness and strong spirit can be molded and refined. These  are positive attributes that God will use in mighty ways!

Yelena is listed on Reece's Rainbow due to her positive HIV status, but likely has no other delays.

Please, please, please, share this post so we can find this sweet girl's family!

Check out Yelena's profile page for more information or to donate to her adoption grant.




Jennifer said...

She is so deserving of the family she wants so much! Praying they come soon!

Joyful said...

This is awesome news. I've shared this post and will continue praying for Yelena.

Lizzie L said...

She's precious!