Saturday, August 2, 2008

Full House

Last night I had a bunch of my Youth for Christ Jefferson kids over for dinner and games and lots of fun. I am blessed to live with a family who has not only opened up their home to me, but also to my friends, family, and crazy inner-city kids from time to time.

The kids had an absolute blast. They got to dress up, make pizzas, be served, and have their bellies filled. It was sometime towards the end of the evening, when there were a dozen kids running around the house and screaming in a hardcore game of hide-and-go-seek, when I felt that overwhelming call to community living. I have felt it before, but have not yet been able to financially make the move.

Some people may think I am crazy to want to live downtown and have my home filled with kids all the time, but that is really what I long for. So where do I go from here to make that happen? I am not so sure, but I pray God will open the door for a full house of my own.

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