Sunday, August 10, 2008

My handsome boys

Today Vicki and I conquered an amazing feat; we gave Chester, our English Bulldog (who I lovingly call Chesteroni) and Doobie, our 7 month old Pitbull baths. Oh, the adventure we had. I really wish I had pictures to share with you of this monumental event, but unfortunetly we needed every hand to get the task done.

The first challenge was actually getting Chester outside and in the wagon. He is a bit of an odd dog, and feels the need to attack the hose. That along with the fact that he wiggled his way out of his collar while getting him outside made the wagon a necessary part of the bathing process. (Just the fact that we have a specialty wagon for Chesteroni tells you a lot about the kind of dog he is. We use the wagon on walks because a) he can't breathe, and b) along with hose he also feels the need to attack the leash.)

Then there is Doobie who for some reason does not like getting wet, and, by the way, is very fast. Once we had him held down and the process started he did pretty well...but as soon as we let go he was off and away.

Between the weightlifting (getting Chesteroni in and out of the wagon) and the cardio (chasing the dogs around the yard), we definitely had a great workout. And when it was all said and done, we had two good looking and not so bad smelling dogs...and, well, two water soaked frazzled hair exhausted women.

Here are the after pics of my handsome boys :)




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