Friday, January 16, 2009

Hope Rises, yes it does.

Do you know what is awesome and amazing?

Kids with passion.

And I admit I may be somewhat biased, but kids with passion for Africa hold an especially dear place in my heart.

That is why I am so stinkin' excited about an organization called "HOPE RISES". Not only are they committed to bringing about change and life in a community in Swaziland, they are igniting the passion to serve in kids here in the States. In December, ten of my Youth for Christ students became penpals with ten children from Swaziland. How cool is that? Kids who have never been on the north side of Fresno or seen the ocean are building friendships with kids in Africa.

Want to know something even cooler? Eleven students from Sunnyside High School will be going to Swaziland in April to serve the Herefords community there. Hope Rises has started a club at Sunnyside H.S. that gets students involved in service. Year around students volunteer in the Fresno community, and raise money for the Swaziland community.

And they do it with passion.

In December I was invited to the Hope Rises Christmas party at Sunnyside H.S. I was able to take 4 of my YFC students, all in elementary school. My elementary age students saw what the H.S. students are doing, and all of a sudden the passion is spreading like wildfire. I have a 6th grader who is practically counting down the days until she is in high school so she can go to Swaziland! It brings joy to my heart!

Coming up February 6th is an easy way you can partner in this ministry. Jon Shabaglian will be performing at Sunnyside High School, proceeds going towards the Swazliand trip in April. Please checkout the Hope Rises website for more information on the concert and other ways you can get involved!

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you while you're in India.
Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey.

Hope Rises said...

We're so grateful that you are part of our YFC team, and I'm proud that you are part of our Hope Rises team. Your kids are the best!!