Saturday, January 24, 2009

India Prayer Points

I can't believe it is almost here...well, actually, I can. As many of you know I have been planning to go to India for years. I have had a heart for the country for a long time, and then over four years ago when Compassion chose a child for me from India, I knew that I would one day go there and meet her. It has been over four years of saving and praying, and I am ready for the time to finally be here.

I will be going with a group of about 30 people, who I have never met, united by Compassion International. My travel begins on Saturday, January 31st, and I will return to Fresno on Saturday, February 14th. This includes a short amount of time I will spend in San Francisco when I return to readjust and rest before driving home.

Specific ways you can pray:

-Safe travels

-Team unity

-Open heart and mind to what God will teach me

-Servant's heart and attitude

-Open and clear communication at the sites where we will run VBS

-Open and clear communication between sponsors and their children on meeting day

-Baggage to arrive safely and on time. I am leading arts and crafts, so it is very important that my bags arrive with all the supplies!

-Cultural sensitivity

-Wisdom in leadership. Because of the size of the group we will be split up into smaller "family" teams, one of which I will be a team leader. Our family teams will meet daily to debrief, pray, and encourage. Because of the gap in extreme poverty and extreme wealth found in India there will likely be added emotional distress. This is something I personally need extra prayer for.

-Health. In the past I have had both Dengue Fever and Malaria, both which take a toll on the liver and kidneys, and both which are prevalent in India. Please pray for protection in that area, as a repeat of either could bring on more serious health issues.

-And most of all, pray that we will be real examples of Christ's love to the children and to everyone we meet!

That is all for now. I will do my best to keep you all updated!


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