Sunday, September 27, 2009

my new ride

Why I miss my old car:

It had character. It was well broken in. I probably transported over 100 kids in that car. Every stain and scratch had a story. I taught a single teen mom how to drive in that car so she could get a license, get a job, and provide for her family. It took dozens if kids to church or Bible studies, where several of them accepted Christ. And most of all, it was "just a car". I never freaked out over accidental spills or bumps, because I was more concerned about loving the people in the car than the car itself.

So, this is my new ride. It is wonderful. Its brand-new and beautiful. I will try to take care of it as best as I can, I just hope I don't forget that it is a blessing from God, and it is to be used for Him. Spills and scratches will happen at some point, but that's okay, because it is "just a car."


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that's exactly what bobbiann (my 16 year-old mentee) said :)