Saturday, October 10, 2009


So, is Oprah on the selection committee for the Nobel Peace Prize or what? Really, lets give Barak Obama the time to actually accomplish one of the promises he's made before we award him such a highly esteemed prize.

Not saying President Obama is or isn't going to eventually be deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize, but lets look at who is deserving of it NOW. There are numbers of people who have committed their lives to promoting peace, and who have risked EVERYTHING.

For example, Greg Mortenson has committed his life to building schools and providing education to all, including girls, in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Then, there is Sima Samar, who overcame the odds as a Hazara and a woman, to become a doctor and a powerful advocate in Afghanistan for human rights.

And of course, my favorite choice would be Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's Prime Minister. He has overcome imprisonments, beatings, the death of his wife, and a lifetime of persecution to fight for the rights of the people of Zimbabwe.

There are so many deserving people who were robbed of this prize, and robbed of the money award that would have, no doubt, been used to further the good that they have actually done and continue to do.


2boymommy said...

mike and i were just looking up why obama won and couldn't believe it..... totally agree with you!!!!

Julie (Dan) said...

The Nobel Peace Prize has become somewhat of a joke I think. :(