Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Going to Talk about Bras

...but not in a weird way.

Yesterday I had a conversation with my dear supervisor/mentor/friend, Wendi. She was sharing with me about her recent trip to Swaziland with Project Glory. She was sharing with me a sweet story about a unique way they ministered to the women there, and I had a shame on me moment.

For those of you who have experienced village life in Africa, you have probably noticed that bras are not a required part of a woman's wardrobe. I never had actually given it much thought, but if you would have asked me I probably would have told you that bras are not a needed, or even wanted, part of their lifestyle.

Shame on me.

Wendi travels regularly to Swaziland, and one of the main ministries she supports is that of local caregivers who donate their time and resources to help their neighbors. They sacrifice for others every day, and ask for nothing in return. A week before her most recent trip, the group decided to collect bras to give to the caregivers and women in one of the communities. There was an overwhelming response, and they were able to give away 350 bras.

First the caregivers were fitted and were able to select two bras each. Then Wendi and the group, with the help of the caregivers, set up a Swaziland version of a plush lingerie department, and they pampered these women with bras. For most of the women, these were the first bras they ever owned, and for all of them, it was a luxury.

The women laughed and had a great time, but best of all, they felt BEAUTIFUL.

What a wonderful way to bless the caregivers and the women in the community. A blessing I never would have even considered. Shame.

Sometimes I find it hard to look past the basic needs. When traveling to places where food, clean water, shelter, and medicine, are a constant burden, I often forget that God can use the simplest things, like a bra, to bless and encourage and delight his children.

I pray God would continue to teach me how BIG he is, and that he would show me how to love others through the simple things.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your posts. I am a new reader and subscribed to your blog through MrsPriss. My guess too, would have been that the women wouldnt have wanted the bras - how incredible God is to place a desire in one of his children's hearts and use it to show us all something new about his love for us, how he created us and just how much we can give to our fellow brothers and sisters through His love. Thank you for sharing this!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for reading! Most of my readers are "silent readers," so it is great to hear your thoughts. God Bless!

Ryan & Carly said...

Oh how I would love to sit with you and hear all about your amazing ministires!! It is so encouraging to read about how you allow God to use you. Swaziland has popped up like 3 times for me in the last day.....interesting!