Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Reason to Choose Compassion

I know there are so many wonderful organizations out there that do wonderful things, and sometimes it is hard to know where my contributions would be best used. For 6 years now I have been part of an organization that breaks the cycle of poverty. So out of many, here is one reason to choose Compassion International:

"There is a poverty that money cannot make go away."- Richmond Wandera (Compassion graduate and leadership student).

Yes, to sponsor a child requires a monthly donation of $38. With this money, Compassion partners with local churches to help meet the holistic needs of the child. But more than that, it gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with, love, encourage, and celebrate your child.

These kids come from the kind of poverty where there is a "lack of food, lack of clothing, lack of warmth," but there is also often a "poverty of self image." Compassion opens a window for you to break the cycle, through which, in the words of Richmond, you can "leak light over their world."

Click here to open that window.

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