Tuesday, September 7, 2010


If you are anything like me, you are hard on yourself.

Because you deeply love God, you desire to be obedient. You find joy in obedience. You know that through obedience you find God's best. You desire to be like Him. You strive for perfection.

And when you fall short of these things, you accept God's grace, but take none of your own.

You remind yourself that growth is a process. A process that will continue until the day you die. And until then you will never reach perfection.

You see God as your Father. The Father that disciplines in love. The Father that provides what He knows is best for you. But sometimes you forget that He is also The Father who delights in His children.

You forget that in all those places you've messed up, some big and some small, He sees his beautiful child. He sees his beloved.

You forget that He wants you to let Him into every intimate part of your life. And He continues to love you just the same.

He wants you to twirl and laugh and celebrate. He wants you to stand on His feet and dance with Him. He wants you to crawl into His lap and hold you close.

Because He is your Father, and He finds you delightful.

There are things about you that make him smile and laugh and scratch his head in amusement.

And there are things about you that bring him pure delight.

Take the time to think about what these things are. What areas of your life, your character, your personality, bring God delight?

Because, if you are anything like me, you need to be reminded of these things from time to time.


Mark Langham said...

So true!!! And yet as easy as it is to believe about others, not so easy sometimes about ourselves.

Cathrine said...

So absolutely true!!

Mrs Night Owl said...

oh my goodness becca, this brought tears to my eyes! I needed to hear this so bad. With the outreach we did on Saturday night and it being one of the very few I've ever done on our own I've been consumed with thinking of the the things I should have done different and I really needed to be reminded of this LOVE and DELIGHT our Father has for us! Thank you for sharing the Lord's word!

Ashley said...

thanks for directing me to this link! So good and so true. I am hard on myself, and have little grace for myself. My friend told me once, you are not how you feel. That is good to remember!

LindaFaye said...

It's awesome to have those realizations of God's pure fatherly love. So many of us have far from godly fathers. When God reveals the true nature of his love it's pretty amazing!