Monday, October 11, 2010


Have you written your sponsored child lately?

If you sponsor a child through Compassion, now is the time to send your holiday letters and goodies.

For my Fall/Thanksgiving package this year I made each child a scrapbook page with fall related items (remember that if your child does not write to you in English, you will need to leave room for translation).

The scrapbook pages are something I started after I met Dilsili and saw the binder she keeps of all the letters and photos I have sent over the last six years. She knew the name of every person in every picture, and it hit me that I have become just as big a part of her life as she is a part of mine. Now I make scrapbook pages for just about everything you can think of, just to help my kids get to know me a little better, and also so they feel included, in even the little things.

Here are some ideas for scrapbook page themes:

Seasons changing
Special events (weddings, graduations, church events, family vacations, etc.)
Educational (animals, geography, world events, local news, astronomy, etc.)

Also, with each month's scrapbook pages I include a personal letter to each of my four children. For September's letters (which will reach them in approximately 2 months) I talked about Thanksgiving, and told them why I am thankful for them. I was able to take the perfect opportunity to point out all the ways I think they are awesome. Hopefully they will read these and feel priceless.

I would like to end by reminding you that your letters bring so much joy and encouragement to your sponsored kids. The boost in self esteem and sense of self worth can give them the push they need to persevere through the many obstacles most of these kids face. Plus, you can be a huge example of Christ's love in their lives. So if you haven't done so lately, take the time to write your child(ren).

P.S. Not a sponsor? Want more information? Check it out here.

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Cathrine said...

These are so neat!!! I never thought about doing it like a scrapbook....noted!