Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Lame Game

*Warning: My nerdiness is about to be exposed.
(Has anyone else noticed that a lot of my posts have had warnings lately?)

So, I really hope that this game is not lame at all, but really super duper fun.

But to make it fun, you have to participate.

The thing is I am in Colorado right now, spending time with my family. I have about eight blog posts swirling around in my head, but none of them will get out for atleast a few days.

And, since I really like games (Apples to Apples is my favorite, incase you were wondering)...I decided we should play a game. Told you I'm a nerd.

This way, while I am away, you all can entertain yourselves :)

Plus, I have noticed several new followers lately, and this would be a great way for you to introduce yourselves. I would love to know who you are!

So, here goes.

I will start the game with a choice. For example, I will say "Cats or Dogs"...

Then you will answer with your preference, and then ask another either or question.

So if I was next, I would say:

"Hot dogs or hamburgers"

Then you would say:


You answer the either or question given by the person before you. And you can come back and answer more than once if you want. (And, if you would like, include a sentence or two introducing yourself if I haven't met you yet).

Get it?
Okay, here we go for reals this time.

Popcorn or milkduds?

Please don't make this lame,


2boymommy said...

my name is april and i don't get it...
no, really i don't get it...

Mark Langham said...


Popcorn (with M&Ms mixed in....or the caramel and cheese popcorn...mmmmm...but I digress)

So I guess it's....

Popcorn or potato chips?

Cathrine said...

Potato chips.

Bikes or rollerblades?

Rebecca said...

(april- you are a college graduate. you can figure it out, i promise :)

Cathrine- Thats a hard question, but I'll go old skool with


tennis shoes or flip-flops?

faithlikemustard said...

Flip flops.

Books or Movies?

Mark Langham said...


Duh. HA.

Sunrise or Sunset?

KEZ said...


Rock climbing or white water rafting?

Rebecca said...

white water rafting.

Snow or Rain?

Mark Langham said...

Rain. Like right now.

Coffee or Tea?

KEZ said...

Both? Um...let's go with coffee.

Summer or Winter?

Rebecca said...

Although Christmas is the best, I have to say


Concert or sporting event?