Friday, November 19, 2010

The Perfect Fit

The elementary school where I work is located in an area of Fresno called Highway City.

Fresno in itself has many poor communities. Based on poverty/population ratio, it is actually the most impoverished city in the United States, and Highway City is one of the poorer areas of the city.

I feel as though the Highway City area is often overlooked because it is on the very western edge of town. Most people have no reason to go into the area, making it easily forgotten.

Today, though, the children of Highway City were remembered.

The local business called Granville Homes donated loads of coats for kids. Teachers have been taking notes as the weather has turned colder as to which students are in need of winter coats. And today every single one of those kids recieved one.

In our little autism classroom three of our students were blessed with big warm beautiful coats. The kind of coats that are well made, warm, and will last a long time. And it just so happens that the coats they were given were in their favorite colors. All three of them. One could call it a coincidence, but I will say that God cares so much about these little ones, that not only does he want them to stay warm and healthy, he wants them to feel beautiful and so very loved.

Our kids don't quite understand where these coats came from, but there was priceless joy as they put them on and pranced around the room.

So, thank you Granville Homes. Your gift of love was the perfect fit.


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KEZ said...

It warms their little bodies and it warms my heart to hear about it! God is so good!

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