Thursday, November 18, 2010

Check it Out

Hi all!

I wanted to let you know that Stephanie over at just a little bit louder just wrote this post about five excellent and tangible ways to take a stand against human trafficking. I hope you take time to check it out.

Also, for those of you interested in buying fair trade items, check out It has been a while since I checked in on the list of their participating companies, and I discovered that several have been added, as well as a few taken off. Buying items from companies who take a stand against modern day slavery is a very big and important way to help stop human trafficking.


stephanieamber said...

hey rebecca! thanks for linking me, and thank you SO SO SO much for that website with those companies. that is the greatest thing ever and I am really excited to have that list. :) hope all is well on your end of things.

Rebecca said...

Stephanie- No problem...its my pleasure to share your list and passion to stop human trafficking :)