Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breaking the Cycle

This photo is more than just a picture.

Like I said this morning, this photo represents something that is amazing, beautiful, exciting, and a dream come true.

It is amazing because it is the result of hard work,


and the sacrifice

of many.

It is beautiful because it is the beginning.

Beginning of change

and new opportunities

for an entire community.

It is exciting because

I was part of this

and you were part of this.

We were part of making this dream come true.

And in February these children attended their first day of school here.

Which was their first day of school ever.

With a little help from money I raised, a lot of help from a local Zimbabwe church congregation, and this community of villages, we were able to start school for these rural families almost immediately. But this is just the beginning. These coverings are meant to be temporary. Permanent bathrooms have already been built, and we are hoping to build a permanent school here that will serve many generations to come.

Currently this school is giving 159 students first time educations, and I am told that there are more than 1,000 children from surrounding villages who are in need and waiting to attend as well.

These communities are amongst the poorest in Zimbabwe. They are set apart down dirt paths that are complicated to travel on.

 Many children among the current students are orphaned, and are trapped in a cycle of poverty.

But we are equipping them with tools that will enable them to
rise above and break the cycle of poverty.

Over the last three months I have been able to build a trustworthy relationship with New Life Church in Zimbabwe, who was given the vision of building this school. I am still working on joining with a non-profit ministry here to raise funds through, but I could not keep my secret any longer.

More information will be coming soon. Until then I ask that you would be praying about this opportunity to bring education to these villages, and that you would be searching your hearts to see if there is a way you would like to take part in this blessing.


Teena said...

How awesome! What a difference you are making...

Thanks for sharing!

Found your blog from the Compassion Family blog.


Rebecca said...

Thanks Teena! I am really excited about it :).

I am happy you came by. You are welcome anytime!

Melissa Irwin said...

this is so awesome!!!! when i get back from Zim, you and i need to plan a time to chat on skype or phone....

Laura Darling said...

Their first day of school? AMazing.

Linda said...

This is SO exciting! I'm rejoicing with you! An education will help these families and this community for generations to come. God bless you!


Rebecca said...

@Melissa- Yes, we should talk :) I was thinking about you last night, and that I will probably tenatively plan my next trip for next spring break...maybe our trips will coincide?

@Laura- I know, I wish I could've been there. Some of the kids are as old as 7th grade...could you imagine having to wait that long for your first day of school?

@Linda- Thank you! I am happy you share my excitement :)

Jess Elyse said...

That is so incredibly amazing!!!
I am so excited for these children and the people of these villages in Zimbabwe!
Loving these people and praying for them!

Mark Langham said...

Praise Jesus! This is amazing!

Rebecca said...

@Jess- Thank you so much for your love and prayers!

Mark- Yes! Amazing! :)