Friday, April 22, 2011

Hummus, Movies, and Mindlessness

So, after last week's most depressing post ever, I thought I had better check in and let you all know I'm doing better. For the last week I have had an undeniable peace wash over me, and I have no doubt that your prayers, encouragement, and willingness to listen have been a huge part of this.

Thank you.

I have been busy getting back to life as normal, which has included a bit of madness.

Among the highlights, I have spent 3 afternoons with one of the girls I mentor and her boyfriend shopping for prom (we"ll just leave it at that for now :), I bottle fed two baby bobcats (I have friends who volunteer for a wildlife rehab program, and they bring home lots of cool things),  I have flown kites with many children, but most of all I have been adjusting to my new diet (this is the madness part). 

This diet is specifically designed for women with endometriosis, and from talking to other women who have gone through the stage 4 endo battle that I am now facing, many say this diet has dramatically helped pain levels and the overall advancement of the disease. Its a pretty rough diet, but compared to the harsh and unatural options I have been given, I definitely think it is worth a try.

In this diet there are a lot of nos. No wheat, no soy (which, incase you were wondering, is in everything), no dairy, no refined sugars, no additives or preservatives, no chocolate, no caffeine, no canned or frozen packaged foods, no fried or fatty foods, no red you want me to keep going?

Basically I think this diet is close to how God intended for us to eat, and I am sure will benefit my overall health even if  it is not successful with the pain.

But it's not easy.

This was my lunch today:

Brown rice and lentils topped with spinach and hummus, all organic.

Thankfully I can eat hummus, because hummus makes everything taste better.

I have been experimenting and taste testing, and I gotta say, even though it doesn't look too appealing, this is one of the better things I have eaten this last week.

And, although I love veggies, rice, hummus, fruit, and the handful of other things I am allowed to eat, well, black beans and salsa with rice don't taste quite as good while you are in a room full of people eating pizza and chocolate cake.

So far, I have not noticed much difference with pain levels, but I am only going on day six.

I can tell you that this diet has yet to help with my hormonal mindlessness.

As I left the house this evening to take home a girl I mentor, I told her to remind me to drop off the rental movie on the way. Sure enough, two miles down the road, after she shouted "Movie!" at me about 14 times, I asked her why the heck she was shouting at me (I admit I was looking around thinking someone in a car next to us was watching a movie on one of those seat t.v. things and she was really excited about it). Finally she composed herself and told me in a complete sentence that I passed the movie rental place.

Oh. yeah. Movie. I knew that.

I've noticed things like this have been happening a lot lately, and I am wondering, am I the only one?

Do you guys have any moments of mindlessness you would like to share? Am I the only person who leaves notes to remind myself to put a shirt on before leaving the house? (Not that I would leave the house topless...but in my pajamas or an undershirt...possible).

Please, tell me I'm not crazy!

Also, if any of you are health foodies or secret chefs, I would love help in the diet food recipe department.

(And for those of you with endo, have you tried this diet? Has it worked for you?)


Cathrine said...

Do you get to eat the red pepper hummus? Because, let's be honest, that's AMAZING.

Rebecca said...

Yes, I am sure I can, as long as I can find an organic brand that carries it :) That sounds yummy.

Jill Foley said...

Your diet sounds tought - I'll be praying for you - that it works and that you find enough to eat!

I definitely have mindless moments, but I blame them on having kids.

Kerri said...

Hi Becca - thank you for your comment on my blog title! I'm glad you liked the card - I thought it was pretty neat, too. I enjoy this post and your take on your new diet - best wishes! My mindlessness has been going on for years - I think it's due to depression and the meds I take, but who knows. I'm learning to enjoy the mindful moments! It looks like we have some interests in common!

Rebecca said...

Jill- Thank you for your prayers! I needed them today. The big Easter meal was a bit of a rough one to be disciplined, but I persevered and I was good :)

Kerri- Thank you for coming to visit me! It does look like we have a lot in common, and it is good to know that I am not alone in the mindlessness :)

Lala said...

PS try making your own hummus--super easy!

Rebecca said...

Lala- Thank you! I checked out your blog and I got a couple good ones :) I have intended on making my own hummus, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Don't know whats stopping me, I think I even have all the ingredients.