Friday, July 29, 2011


I got home from Colorado late Wednesday night. I went to bed peacefully, and woke up yesterday to life. The messy, overwhelming, frustrating, sad kind of life.

I know it's a mix of the new hormones I am on, big dramatic life issues, and the little annoying hair pulling issues that are piled on top. It is enough to make you want to sit numb and motionless with no motivation to move. Which is pretty much how I spent my day.

Last night I went to bed in tears. After all the stuff that piled up through the day, I just wanted to talk to my friend. And I was reminded, as I am constantly, that she is gone.

It has been almost two years now, but I still miss her everyday. I miss her quirky view on life. I miss her straight forward honesty that somehow always seemed kind. I miss her grace. I miss her childlike giggle being only a phone call away. I miss the way she would have told me ~in her cheery voice~ to take a hot bath, drink a latte, and get on with life.

I woke up today thinking of her. Today is her birthday. So in honor of her, I am going get up, take a hot bath, stop pouting, and get moving. I am going to get on with life and do what needs to be done with as much grace as possible, because she reminds me how precious life is.

She reminds me that with all the ugly in this world, there is beauty beyond belief.

So, Happy birthday Lindsey. Today, because of you,  I will live a little bolder, dream a little bigger, and laugh a little louder. Love you my friend.  



Heather said...

beautiful post. It is so hard to miss the people who have moved on ahead of us. I pray for God to shower you with peace and love.

Mark Langham said...

Thanks for sharing your heart...Sorry for your sadness but blessed are those who mourn my friend.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

People really are gifts, aren't they? We don't earn them and we really never own them. It's hard for to understand that sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

2boymommy said...

love this!!!