Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Confessions part 3

*The movie Signs scarred me for life. To this day, sometimes when I walk downstairs at night to get a drink of water, I swear I'll catch a glimpe of an alien through the sliding glass door.

*I use to be boy crazy. One time I ran into a sign and got a black eye 'cause I was, well, distracted. By a boy. Yep, very very boy crazy. Now I'm just crazy.

*That reminds me. I got my first black eye while chasing a snowflake...right into a pole. Sometimes I run into things. Which is why my dad's nickname for me growing up was Lumpy.

*Sometimes I use a fork to scratch my back. But only when I'm really really desperate. And I almost never put it back in the drawer. (Mark, that one was for you.)

*The Wizard of Oz always has and always will give me nightmares. Tornadoes and flying monkeys...it's a lose lose situation.

*I have probably burned more calories in my life dancing to Tubthumping by Chumbawamba than by all my other workouts combined. Yes, I know it is a horrible song. That's what makes it a confession.

*On a more serious note, this girl has been on my mind constantly lately. I was even praying about finding another job so I could afford/qualify to adopt her myself. Then I realized that to adopt from her country, you have to be married. So, Bob, if you're out there....

P.S. If you haven't read the Bob saga, you really should. It's good stuff.


Jennifer said...

Hilarious! I feel ya about your "boy-crazy" phase! Mine involved falling in parking lots and many mad dashes. Those were the days!...I like Signs even though it slightly creeps me out and the wizard of oz is just weird.lol...Hope that sweet girl finds a family SOON. I read the Bob saga and it made my day. Oh Bob. Love your confessions!

Rebecca said...

@Jennifer- I still watch signs from time to time even though it freaks me out...it's just that good :) Wizard of Oz on the other hand, it's not worth it (atleast not anymore). And I am happy you read the Bob saga! It still cracks me up when I think about that student :)

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

HAHAHA! Oh man, I'm right there with you on Signs. I think I saw that with Shawn on one of our first dates, lol, oh man.

ANYWAYMOVINGONQUICKLY... I always knew you and I were kindred spirits. The running into poles thing just proved it! (8th grade, running the mile, casually glancing back to see where my crush was, BAM.) I love you, Lumpy!

Mark Langham said...

Ha! Yer a hoot.

Rebecca said...

@Morgan- We are kindred spirits. Too bad we didn't go through our boy crazy days together. We would have been trouble :) I do miss you and think we need to hang out soon...I am sure we could still stir up some trouble as old ladies :)

@Mark! Does this mean you are back from Haiti? Can't wait to hear about it!