Monday, September 26, 2011

Fishers of Men

Throughout my life I have heard conversation after conversation about the misfit disciples, and why in the world Jesus chose the particular group of men that he did.

Don't ask me about the tax collector and the politicians. God hasn't revealed that one to me yet, but I think I've got somewhat of an understanding of the fishermen.

For so many years I have envisioned these fisherman as something like this:


 Or this:

So peaceful and nice (and a little boring). These men must have been so calm and patient, right?

Nope, I am pretty sure these images are all wrong. 

I have come to view Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John in a whole new light. Because in reality, fishing wasn't a hobby for them or a peaceful retreat. It was work. The manly rough dangerous kind of work.

The kind of work that requires passion, courage, loyalty, heart, and maybe even a little recklessness.

The kind of work that requires someone like these guys:

 Or these guys:

Sure they may be a little rough around the edges, but Jesus sought the kind of guy that was loyal to the point of getting pissed enough to cut off someone's ear.

When I think of the disciples this way, I totally get it. I mean, life with these guys would be a little wild and unpredictable, but so was Jesus.


Jennifer said...

Rebecca, you have just rocked my world. haha I now have a new outlook on the disciples!

Amy said...

Very cool. And somehow the disciples seem much more "real" when I think of them this way.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Haha! Not really the "skinny jeans and a hoodie" type, are they? I bet Luke was a nerd though!! (

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Rebecca said...

Who wouldn't want to hang out with these guys, right? (Okay, so when writing this post, part of me just really wanted an excuse to share my love of Deadliest Catch)

And Sarah- I guess I'll give you Luke, although some doctors are rather rugged ;)

JD said...

Tax collector, to me, always made sense! I work for the Canadian equivalent of the IRS, we have a stereotype of the ones never invited to the party, the pariahs of society, because we take people's money, you know? ESPECIALLY in Canada, where taxes are sky high.

Jesus spoke much about our relationship with money, our hesitance to part with it, so perhaps, for good measure, He took along the despised tax guy just to show how radical He really was :D

I used to think of fishing as a fun summer family event or a quiet retreat until I stumbled upon the Lake Volta kids. That's what changed it all... hey, maybe that's why Jesus took the fishermen -- He's all about setting the captives free!

Rebecca said...

@JD- Well, if Matthew was anything like you, than I do understand :)

Rebecca said...

@JD- Well, if Matthew was anything like you, than I do understand :)

Evie said...

Thanks for totally changing my view of the disciples I love their new personalities. I feel like when I read the gospels it will be way more exciting.

Jess Elyse said...

yes! I love that you compared the disciples to Deadliest Catch! I definitely think it is a close match. He equips the called, for sure. The disciples were not the richest or the fanciest, Christ just knew the ones that would follow. :-)

halys said...

thank you for sharing your posts, I always love to read them.