Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As mamas watch hunger devour their babies and daddies dig their graves.

As I carry a weak little boy up the stairs to the doctor...the HIV assisting the tuberculosis in ravaging his lungs.

As special needs orphans lay hopeless in institutions, without hugs or love or acknowledgement of being human.

As I pray over a man dying of menongitis, his eyes bulging in agonizing pain.

As grown men claim women and children as belongings, inflicting on them all the agony one can withstand, and even more.

And this week, as one of my sweet girls mourned while the baby inside her went to be with Jesus. As I sat beside her at the hospital, and they sent her home to wait, because they too were helpless. As the doctor said her body rejected her own child, and her heart broke.


It's a desolate way to feel, and a hopeless way to live.

It is a burden. And it is a lie.

But as much as I try to lay these burdens down, they cling to me like leeches.


Jennifer said...

Your heart is beautiful. It's heartbreaking, but praise God, you are willing to love on these people!

Cathrine said...

Praying for you. And for your girl.