Monday, October 17, 2011

Expose the Ugly

Many of us have learned by now that there is a lot of ugly in this world. Recently I learned about one of these very ugly situations happening in Haiti, at the Son of God orphanage.

Children are dying of abuse and neglect. Their flesh is being devoured by parasitic disease;  hearts are being crushed by hate.

Bodies of children are being sold for sex and organs. 

And you, my friends, can help stop this madness.

Sign this petition to help bring EXPOSURE to the atrocities going on in this orphanage, and then spread the word.

Be the light that scatters the darkness.


Jennifer said...

Heart-breaking! I signed.

Rebecca said...

Thank you Jennifer!

Mark Langham said...

Oh thank you so much Rebecca!!!!! Almost to 7500 votes and Amber Lyon of CNN has sent the story to her producers!