Saturday, October 15, 2011


Dear Fall,

This morning I woke up in my summer pjs sweating to death. I walked to the mailbox in flip-flops and a tank-top and nearly melted.

It is 11am and I hear the air-conditioner running and the icecream truck circling the neighborhood.

There is a rumor going around that you began back in September, but here it is October 15th, and it is 90 degrees.

If I did something to tick you off, I am truly sorry. Please come quickly. You are my favorite, but you are starting to irritate me.

What the heck?


Jennifer said...

Aw sad. Fall is confused here. Mornings are pretty cool, but one day it will be in the sixties and the next in the eighties. I think fall is on a mission to make us all sick here. :)

Jess Elyse said...

Uhm, I totally agree! This morning I got so excited when I saw that the high was supposed to be 56...only to realize that was for Denver where my best friend lives. And here in Tuscaloosa the high today is 89. Definitely NOT fall weather!

Rebecca said...

@Jennifer- We dipped into the 70's for a couple days, and that was enough to start an epidemic! Really, the flu is already making its way around here like mad. Hopefully you stay well :) Fall is just being crazy this year.

@Jess- My mom and grandparents live in Denver, and usually I am not big on snow, but a couple weeks ago when it snowed there and was 90 here I was a bit jealous :) I am so ready to break out some fall sweaters! Sorry that you are feeling my same frustration!

annabelle said...

This is why I can't stand cali