Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a Nudge

Before my last visit to Zimbabwe, as I was fundraising, sorting and packing clothes for 40 children, all while working 50 hours a week and searching for my sanity, I felt one of those nudges.

You know, those quiet nudges God gives that could easily be (and often are) ignored.

Although I got the nudge shortly before my flight, I decided to take a few moments and consider what God was asking of me.

In this case, it was the simple act of developing a few pictures of my friends in Zimbabwe to take with me as gifts. After way more thought than necessary, I decided to take the few minutes required to order some photos (randomly) online, then drove the long grueling 3 blocks to pick them up. (Funny how I was about to fly across the planet in obedience, yet I was nearly unwilling to drive the 3 blocks).

Long story kinda short, I developed about 20 photos, packed them away, and didn't think much about it.

(I must stop here and say that as I left for Zimbabwe, I did not know who would be there when I arrived. I did not know which children would have been passed around to live with other family members, as orphans often are. I knew a few of the children/family members had passed away, but I knew there were many more who Tecla was waiting to tell me about in person. Basically, I didn't know if the people in the pictures I developed would even be there to give them to.)

Sadly, when I arrived, I learned that there were many who had passed away, one of whom was MaSeba. MaSeba and her son, Sebastian, were two of the hardest workers while in 2006-2007 we built 3 houses in their community (one being their own). They were also always cheerful, kind, and generous- even when it seemed as though they had nothing more to give. The kind of beautiful, wonderful people who give you hope for humanity in this crazy world.

One of the first mornings of my trip, Sebastian came to the lodge to visit (at a bright and early 6:30am, I might add). The first thing he told me was that his mother had died. I really had no words to give him as I looked into his eyes and saw his broken heart.

Then I remembered....

The pictures.  

I handed him this photo, unsure how he would react:

He ran his finger slowly over the photo, and after a moment of silence, he looked up at me and said,
"It's my mom...."

He had tears in his eyes, but his smile was the biggest I have ever seen.

It was one of those rare moments when things makes sense, and I wondered if God would send a girl all the way to Africa just so one of his sweet children could see his mom's face again.

And I am pretty sure He would.

It also makes me wonder,

What would happen if we responded to all of God's nudges?


Melissa Irwin said...


Jennifer said...

Wow. What would happen, if we were obedient to all the nudges?(Challenging!)

I love to see how personal God is in providing the "smallest" of comforts to His childred.

Hez said...

I love how an almost simple act of obedience brought about such an amazing outcome! I think we'd see a greater moving of God is we were obedient to all his nudges

Cathrine said...

He is absolutely going to treasure that picture for the rest of his life. Proud of you, friend, for listening.

Gayle said...

Rebecca, what a wonderful reminder of what God wants to do with our lives if we allow it. Love it!

JD said...

*bawling* I could blame my emotions on the fact that I'm days away from returning to Africa, going "home" so soon after having been there in November... but I know that's not it.

Sis, I simply love your heart, and every time you share it, it touches me so deeply. So few understand, but you always do... and I understand you too.

(((((((( gentlest of squeezes )))))))

Shanda said...

This is so precious. Having lived in Zimb I know how treasured photos are and how hard they are to come by. May God bless you for following his lead. I return on Oct. and this is a wonderful idea for me to do with some of the photos i took. I know the chances are there are many who have passed on.
I love this....my favorite post linked to my blog this week that I have read!

Shanda said...

Can i use this as a guest post on my blog? I will wait a month till people won't be so familiar with it. I do have a wide readership as well and it could draw you some traffic. Most of all, I love that you obeyed God's nudging and the theme goes along so well with what my blog is all about. If it is ok with you, email me at shanda.oakley@gmail.com with the script and photos.
Blessings to you.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Wonderful testimony! I can just imagine how precious that picture is to him!!! Patsy from

Deborah said...

I should be leaving for work, but instead I'm sitting on my couch crying . . . what a beautiful gift you've given him! One he will cherish always!