Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That One Time When You Realized How Weird I Really Am

So I have to admit that sometimes living in California is just plain sucky.

Exhibit A:

But then there are the things that make up for it.

Like this practically being in my back yard:

Then there are things like the occasional brush with fame. Usually those kinds of things don't tickle my fancy quite so much, but I have to say that on Sunday, my fancy was tickled but none other than the crew of:

Some of you remember that awhile back I briefly mentioned a slight obsession with Bigfoot (and the intrigue and excitement of discovering its possible existence).

So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that this very distinguished crew of trackers and researchers was looking for Bigfoot in none other than my very own back yard.

Whenever we go hiking I always tell my friends to keep a look-out for Bigfoot clues, and they mock. So you can imagine how hard it was for me not to burst as I sat on the plane with the Finding Bigfoot people, wanting to text all my friends a big fat "I told you so."

They finished filming today, and we will not know their findings until the episode airs. But, my friends, I must confess, I believe.

Do you?

On a side note: I wonder if bear attack deterrent is sasquatch effective.


Cathrine said...

I will believe only if he's like Harry and the Hendersons.

Lizzie said...

I thought gas prices were hig in NY.....

Divinely Acquitted said...

I can't get over those gas prices! Whew! And oh, Bigfoot? Sorry, I'm from the Philippines. lol Thanks for sharing...

Gayle said...

Your Sasquatch/Bear Deterrent comment made me laugh.
Our gas prices went up 17 cents in the last week but I don't know what they are today. We're paying 3.79 at the grocery store.

Morgan said...

Hahahahahaha, oh man. You're hilarious!

A few weeks ago, Brent started a conversation in Sunday School about Finding Bigfoot. He said his boss was going to be on the show or something... then pretty soon, we were all talking about Bigfoot. At church. It was a proud moment for Trinity!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i could only laugh at your post. you are just like my daughter and her belief in the Yeti!