Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes a Girl Just Needs to Rant a Little

I read an article recently about a study that has actually found that being in the presence of ongoing complaining/complainers will make you, in their words, "dumber."

Since I like you all, I will do you a favor and allow you to leave this blog with the same amount of dumb as you arrived, so I AM NOT COMPLAINING.

I do, however, find it necessary to clarify a few things or my head may explode (although I am pretty sure that those who need the clarification don't read my blog).

Begin rant.

* Africa is NOT a country. Unbelievable, I know. It is, in fact, a continent (a continent made up of 55 countries, all with their own unique culture, languages, and traditions).

* Haiti is NOT in Africa, however Egypt IS in Africa. I pinky swear.

* Not everyone in Africa runs around naked. In fact, the majority of Africans go about completely clothed.

* Yes, Oprah did build a school "over there," but no, Oprah did not end poverty, meaning no, she did not already "fix that problem."

* Yes, pirates do exist. Really, the media is not just trying to pull your leg (but no, I have never been kidnapped by them, and although I don't have much personal experience with pirates I am pretty sure that the majority of them do not look like Johnny Depp).

* If you ask me what is going on with "that war over there" I am going to need more specifics. Like I said people, 55 countries (several at war, yet many at peace).

And last but not least...

* Some African languages contain clicks, but if you come up and start making random clicking noises at me because you know I have spent time in Africa, not only will I not understand you, I will poke you in the eye.

End rant.


Hannah said...

I totally vibed with this! When I returned from Kenya last month I had someone ask me how close I was to Haiti. Seriously? Haha.

Thanks for making me laugh this morning!

Jill Foley said...

This is awesome! Please rant more often.

Lizzie said...

So funny!! I know soo many people think Africa is a country. lol

Rebecca said...

I am happy you don't think I'm too harsh :)

There is nothing more awkward than when someone at church introduces you to someone as being from Africa, and then when you ask them what country they say "Haiti".