Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

This summer there has been so much damage caused by flooding. When storms rage in impoverished nations where buildings are weak and homes are temporary structures, the devastation is often massive. Please keep the following countries in prayer as they have recently or are currently being faced with massive flooding.

In June and July 100 lives were lost and hundreds of thousands left homeless due to flash floods and landslides in Bangladesh

In early August the Philippines were hit hard with monsoon weather and flooding, claiming at least 60 lives and destroying thousands of homes. 

Niger, the country worst hit by the West Africa food crisis, has faced relentless flooding in the last week as the banks of the Niger River have overflowed, displacing 200,000 people, killing livestock, and destroying precious crops.

Most recently, Tropical Storm Isaac hit Haiti hard yesterday, where hundreds of thousands are still living in tent cities after the 2010 earthquake. The storm has taken at least seven lives, and has brought more destruction to a nation so desperately trying to rebuild.
For more photos of flooding in Haiti visit Mark at Conspiracy of Hope.
Tropical Storm Isaac also hit Cuba, and is now threatening parts of the U.S. (mainly Florida and Louisiana).

As you walk on dry ground today, please say a prayer for all those affected by the floods.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hey! Thanks for this, I've been watching Isaac with a nasty feeling in my stomach but I haven't shared about it yet. Instead of reinventing your wheel :) I I reposted this on Haiti Hope here:

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