Saturday, August 25, 2012

Visions of Sugar Plums

For the last decade I have had an overwhelming desire for vision.

About ten years ago God really began to grow in me a passion for impoverished communities and nations, but this passion spreads far and wide. Famine, disease, gangs, violence, slavery, AIDS, corrupt governments, war, malaria, and lack of things like shelter, clean water, and education: these are all problems that are deeply intertwined with poverty.

My heart breaks for all of these things, but I have been asking God for a unique and specific vision to take root in my heart. A place where He can use me most effectively; A place where change is needed.

Slowly but surely God has been messing me up and tweaking my heart for a specific purpose. Not long ago I realized that my greatest passion is for children to have the opportunities and support that they need to meet their full potential and live out their dreams. More specifically this passion is for children who have added obstacles, such as poverty and special needs.

Loving on some sweet orphans in Malawi (2004).

As my vision continues to take shape, God continues to refine and deepen it. I have so many dreams of providing opportunities for children with special needs in places where services are lacking, where they are labeled by stigmas, or where caregivers and teachers are uneducated about their disabilities and how to effectively help them succeed.

I dream of these children having dreams.
I dream of these children having the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

I am blessed to work with special children every day. I get to see them take risks. I get to celebrate with them their successes, no matter how small they seem. And I hope that one day I will be celebrating success with children all over the world.

As I make my way through graduate school I know I am temporarily sacrificing this desire to work with these special kids in impoverished nations, but I know there is much I can do from here.

One small way I can live my dream, right here and right now, is sponsorship.

This is my beautiful sugar plum, Tadiwa.

I am partnering with Beautiful Feet Global Outreach as they launch their sponsorship program in October.

This sponsorship program is likely a little different than ones you may be familiar with. BFGO partners with a wonderful orphanage in Zimbabwe. The orphanage consists of 3 homes (children separated by age group) and currently cares for about 65 orphans. The goal of BFGO is for each orphan to be sponsored by a group.

I have committed to finding this very special group that will help give
Tadiwa the support she needs to thrive.

Zimbabwe is very expensive. Prices rival those of the U.S., unemployment is above 90%, and those who are working are paid very little. Tadiwa's sponsorship will cover her school and clothing needs, all of her meals, medical needs, and housing costs. Because of the high costs and all that the sponsorship covers, the cost is $90 a month.

The hope is that groups of three would join together to cover the sponsorship of one child. There are three giving levels: $25/month, $30/month, and $35/month.

Tadiwa still needs sponsors for the $25 and $30 monthly levels.
In addition to supporting Tadiwa financially, sponsors will have the opportunity to pour love and encouragement into her life through letters, and there is even the possibility of giving her some real life hugs and kisses down the road if you so choose.

I can't wait to learn more about Tadiwa and her dreams. This sweet girl has many extra challenges in life, but I have no doubt that with a little encouragement and a lot of heart she can do some beautiful and amazing things.

Are you one of the lucky ones who will join me in encouraging
Tadiwa that her dreams can come true?

More information on Tadiwa will be coming soon!

If you would like more information about this sponsorship or would like to commit to a $25 or $30 monthly level for Tadiwa (beginning in October) please leave a comment with your email below, or email me here: shebecomes(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you are interested in committing to finding a group to sponsor another beautiful child through BFGO, please check out their blog: BFGO blog, or follow them on Facebook.  

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