Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bulgaria's Abandoned Children

Here in this video you will see some of the precious children God has been growing my vision for, and some of the horrid conditions that fan the fire in my heart and the demand for change.

This documentary produced by BBC is broken into nine videos, each about ten minutes in length, and follows a special needs orphanage in Bulgaria. I am warning, it is hard to watch. You will immediately have your heart broken and ripped into little pieces, by the end of the second video you will be completely outraged, and into the later videos, as they move to the younger children, you will be trying to jump through your computer screen to wrap your arms around them.

You will see, as one orphanage worker says, "Their only goal is survival."

I thoroughly debated whether or not to share this video. It is graphic, contains a lot of nudity, and shows children on the brink of death. But this is something I hope you all will watch, because I want others to feel the same heartache and outrage that I do. I want you all to join me in seeking change.

If you would like a tangible way you can help right now, Love's Hope International is an organization that works in Bulgaria to bring the necessities to these orphans such as food and warmth, but more importantly, they show them love. You can visit them here:


Mark Langham said...

Dear God. Thank you Rebecca. I think it's time for God to end this world. Sick.

Rebecca said...
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Endo_Life said...

I remember watching this a few years ago on the BBC and was outraged that a European country was treating children this way. It is really an eye opener.